Sachamama is a Quechua word, a language spoken in the Amazon & South American Andes, it means “Mother Jungle”. 

We build support for a 100% clean energy economy and sustainable attitudes, behaviors & lifestyles. 


Cultural pride is at the core of all our processes.

To obtain different results, we must experiment with different possibilities.

We must honor and listen to our ancestors, as they live within us.

To change everything, we need everyone.

Through culturally sensitive strategies, and by embracing technology and innovation, we move our mission forward by focusing on three goals.

Increase media coverage on climate issues. To date, we have expanded our network to 150+ influencers and secured over 75 media appearances in radio and television.

Accelerate a transition to a clean energy economy. To date, we have registered 22,728 leadership actions from our community.  

Create a new generation of climate activist. To date, we have grown our program by 140% from the previous year, and have trained 1155 Latino climate leaders across the nation.