Our Mission

Sachamama works to build a clean energy economy for all and cultivate sustainable attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles. Through media engagements, storytelling strategies, and community-led climate solutions, we are informing and activating individuals to advocate for healthy more resilient communities, while developing a nurturing movement that supports self-exploration, diversity, and civic participation.

Esta es una imagen propiedad de sachamama.org
Esta es una imagen propiedad de sachamama.org

Vanessa Hauc

Environmental Reporter TELEMUNDO
President of the Board

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Goal - 1

Encourage Storytelling on New Media

New media use is an important area within climate change communications. Platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – have given the public an opportunity to share their opinions and engage on climate change like never before. Leveraging them effectively could encourage a greater understanding of climate change and sustainable practices, present opportunities to mobilize and inform activists, and encourage engagement in policy efforts. When strategies are coupled to influencers, the opportunities to shape the public perception increase dramatically.

Latinos por la Tierra

Bringing climate change to the forefront of mainstream conversations.

Latinos por la Tierra is the first Spanish-speaking communications platform to bring climate change to the Latinx community. To date, we have built a network of 200+ influencers and partnerships with the leading Spanish-speaking media outlets, resulting in over 180 appearances on media platforms, 10 media campaigns, and millions of people reached in over 13 countries.


In 2020, we launched our Oceans Program to increase diversity in the ocean space and connect the dots between climate change, ocean health, and biodiversity.

In 2020 LPT






Influencers Engaged



International Campaign


For Ocean’s Month, Sachamama partnered with the Asociación Latinoamericana Out of Home (Alooh), Mission Blue, and Race to Zero to reinforce the importance of securing 30% of land & oceans by 2030. #30×30 was one of the largest public display efforts in LATAM, running simultaneously in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Mexico.


Spanish & Portuguese.







Total Impact

0M Impressions

Total Impact

0.13M Impressions

National Campaign


During the Super Bowl LIV event, we partnered with VoLo Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, and influencers to understand potential entry points to engage Floridians in ocean conservation. #MiHistoriaConElOceano showcased how we are all heart-wire to love the ocean! and tested a series of personas and messages that people may relate to when connecting to the ocean.


Aarón Díaz, Juliana Vélez, María Celeste Arrarás, Valeria Hinojosa, and Vanessa Hauc.







Digital Communications

Levering social media to inform and forge climate action!

The digital world is growing bigger and more powerful. We work with an amazing team of communicators – writers, directors, singers, storytellers, producers, and journalists – to create social media toolkits, video series, testimonials, and campaigns that provided communities with the information and tools to raise their voices and take climate action!


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Goal - 2

Increase media coverage on climate issues

 This was a challenging year for climate media coverage due to covid-19 and the health and economic crisis that unleashed. Apart from the pandemic, the media’s climate coverage still not representative of the magnitude and severity of the problem. When coupled with the infinite bandwidth of digital media, the media outlets that do accurately report on climate change often fail to break through the noise, making it more difficult for the Latinx community to receive these messages.

Red de Medios: LPT

Supporting climate change reporting in a precise, timely, and clear manner.

Traditional media is a powerful platform to communicate climate information to the masses in a way that is accessible and relatable. Red de Medios: LPT is the first digital programmatic climate platform to encourage and support media outlets to cover, create, and sustain climate change reporting in a precise, timely, and clear manner. The network will connect Latinx media and influencers with the most powerful foundations, brands, and NGOs to raise climate and environmental awareness and encourage action among Latinx audiences nationally.

Media Coverage

In 2020 The Network


Media Outlets


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Articles written

International Campaign


The 100 Most Influential Latinos Committed to Climate Action elevated the voices of Latinos in the climate movement. In its second year, #Los100Latinos launched with the support of main environmental organizations, to exert global pressure for the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.  


Carlos Mesa, Carlos Vives, Carolina Schmidt, Eric Garcetti, and Nemonte Nenquimo among others.



Paris Agreement

Latino Leadership

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National Campaign


Sachamama partnered with Univision, the Government of Mexico, and the main local radio stations to inform and engage the general public on wildfire adaptation in the state of Washington. #WAFireAdaptation was the only public campaign informing the Latinx community during the wildfires that impacted the state. 


Jaime Méndez & Paula Lamas.



Emergency Preparedness

Fire Adaptation

Goal - 3

Build Public Support for Climate Solutions

During 2020, we have joined forces with organizations – from civic engagement, leadership development, environment, health, and media – to elevate the urgency of climate action at a local, state, and international level.

Climate Innovation Lab (CIL)

Educating communities through local action!

Our CIL program supports participants to build healthy, more resilient communities. The program helps communities dismantle structural barriers to progress, build their resources, and change the narrative, from a victimized community to one of a change-maker. Together, we have built over 15 organizational partnerships, trained 1,210 climate leaders, and generated over 25,250 leadership actions in AZ, CA, CO, FL, NV, and WA.

In 2020 CIL


Families Engaged


Activist Trained


City Proclamations


State Funding


State Partnerships

CIL - Washington

In partnership with the Nature Conservancy (TNC), Washington Resource Conservation and Development Council (WRCD), and local Latinx partners, we successfully developed a framework to engage and increase participation from the Latinx community in wildfire adaptation in the state of Washington. We achieved this by especially tackling community needs related to the lack of information available in Spanish, no relationships with the wildfire community, and the lack of community members’ involvement. Some of the key outcomes were three Latinx organizations launched their own environmental programs, increased diversity in the WAFAC network, 86 community members trained on wildfires, and over 300K in extra funding for local groups. 

Esta es una imagen propiedad de sachamama.org

Hilary Lundgren

WAFAC Coordinator

Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

Sachamama infuses Latinx communities with the energy and knowledge necessary to kickstart change through the Climate Innovation Lab (CIL).  The CIL model provides the foundation for community organizing and the CIL team authentically and passionately commits to helping others identify local priorities, develop meaningful strategies, and achieve their goal of finding climate solutions that work for people and the environment.

Reese Lolley

Director, Forest Restortaion and Fire

The Nature Conservancy

Sachamama is an organization that in a relatively short period of time was able to make connections, build shared mutual understanding, and develop trust between organizations that had historically seemed culturally worlds apart, although living in the same community. Now, with new found understanding and trust, together, we are taking shared action accelerating shared goals in community.

Micaela Razo

Program Manager for Central Washington

Latino Community Fund

Sachamama and the CIL program brought an important instrument of skills and knowledge to our Community. They helped develop a safe space of conversation in the process allowing the community to lead with their own distinguished qualities and characteristics. Sachamama helped focus the community in problem-solving a solution-focused way. The understanding and detail to diversity and cultural heritage of community engagement helped greatly with the trusted messenger setting of leadership. LCF is grateful to have been part of this partnership.

No Planet B Latino Summit - Powered by Forbes

Building global pressure for an effective implementation of the Paris Agreement

For the second year, the No Planet B Latino Summit was the largest gathering of influential Latinos in the climate space.  A partnership between Forbes LATAM, and CC35 to highlight the leadership of Latinxs in the fight against climate change and exert global pressure towards the implementation of the Paris agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

In 2020 NPB









In December 2020, we hosted a virtual summit due to the health emergency caused by covid-19. The event featured one-on-one interviews, speakers, and discussions of the climate emergency and its solutions. Some of the speakers were the Minister of the Environment of Chile and COP President Carolina Schmidt, Bolivia Former President Carlos Mesa, COP25 champion Gonzalo Muñoz, International Singer Carlos Vives, Indigenous leader Nemonte Nenquimo, and many more!


Alejandro Agag, Carlos Mesa, Carlos Vives, Carolina Schmidt, Daniel Servitje, Eric Garcetti, Gonzalo Muñoz, Jaime Margoline, and Nemonte Nenquimo.



Climate Emergency

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Race to Zero

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Natural Solutions



Green New Deal

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Esta es una imagen propiedad de sachamama.org

Carlos Zegarra

Executive Director


In Sachamama, we leave 2020 with a deeper appreciation and reverence for life itself. Covid-19 has shown us how interconnected and interdependable we are of each other, and nature. More than ever, we must reflect on our relationship with our planet, understanding that this is our only home and that resources are limited and precious. We must transform this relationship into one that acknowledges Mother Earth as a living organism that sustains us all. Her health is our health, we are part of her. In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, we “interare”.

Deep gratitude to our funders, partners, sponsors, and supporters for enabling us to continue informing and activating communities around climate solutions and sustainable lifestyles. We are grateful for your support and look forward to the road ahead, together.


In Gratitude.


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