#SachamamaTalks – EMILIANO EZCURRA

We had an interesting conversation with Emiliano Ezcurra, a tireless defender of our ecosystems. He told us how his passion for the environment began as a child, and we discussed the importance of being responsible consumers. We also talked about the threats that forests face and how we can protect them.

Emiliano shared how anyone in the world can save square meters of native forests in perpetuity by visiting the Banco de Bosques website.

If you are a conservation enthusiast, you cannot miss this interview.

#SachamamaTalks – Iliana Lavastida

In this conversation with Iliana Lavastida, director of El Diario Las Américas, we highlighted the need for the media to play an active role in creating spaces to inform and analyze the environmental issue. The importance of addressing the climate crisis we are experiencing objectively and based on science, while avoiding political polarization, was emphasized. It was emphasized to inform about the consequences of the environmental crisis for people’s health and well-being, and to promote concrete solutions and actions. It was emphasized that the environmental crisis is not a political issue, but a matter of life or death that affects everyone equally, and that the media has a crucial role in raising awareness and educating about this issue to promote positive change.

SachamamaTalks – Helena Olea

A conversation with lawyer Helena Olea, Associate Director of Programs at Alianza Americas. Helena explains the situation of climate migrants in the United States, why Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is not a solution to these displacements, and what tools governments could have to offer a more stable pathway to individuals who are forced to leave their countries due to extreme events such as hurricanes and droughts.

#SachamamaTalks – Irene Burga

A conversation with Irene Burga, Director of Environmental Justice and Clean Air Program at Green Latinos. Irene tells us how her upbringing made her appreciate her relationship with the environment, and how as a young person in California, she became aware of the environmental discrimination faced by the Latino community. Irene invites us to choose our authorities with the future of the new generations in mind and advises us not to neglect our idiosyncrasy when it comes to conserving the resources offered by our planet.

#SachamamaTalks – Antonieta Cadiz

#SachamamaTalks - Antonieta Cadiz A conversation with Antonieta Cadiz, Director of Latino Engagement at Climate Power, about her personal story, the importance of informing ourselves as the Latino community about [...]