(In native Nahuatl: Land of many trees)

Reforestation Impact Report

In the past decade, extreme droughts due to global warming have inflicted profound negative environmental and socio-economic impacts across the country. Close to 24% of tree coverage has been lost and over 3.2 million farmworkers live in poverty. – World Bank

Acres reforested
Trees planted
People benefited

Location and Description of the Area

The municipality of San José La Arada in the Department of Chiquimula is characterized by its enriching history and culture. Due to their efforts to promote recreational, cultural, and outdoor activities, it has been named The Municipality of Peace.
The location of the reforestation project is in the Cerro Huexque. In two different areas measuring 17.2 acres in total.

Area. 1

7.4 Acres

Area. 2

9.8 Acres

“Migrants don’t often specially mention climate change as a motivating factor for leaving because the concept is so abstract and long-term, but the main reason they are moving is because they don’t have anything to eat.”

Robert Albro
Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University

Plant trees and change the lives of farmworker families in the Dry Corridor

More than half of the 10 million people living in the area are engaged in agricultural activities, and more than 73% of the rural population live in poverty.

Join us in restoring landscapes, providing income, food security, and strengthening the resilience of farmers and their families.

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