``We are the current stewards of this planet and we must leave it for future generations. This is our collective responsibility.``

“I have a soft spot for oceans. I’m passionate about ocean conservation and protection. Our oceans are an integral part of our planet. It’s my happy place. And I want future generations to experience it the way I get to see it.”

Sachamama is a non-profit organization working to build public support for clean energy and cultivating sustainable attitudes, behaviors & lifestyles.

We move our mission forward by focusing on three goals:

Local Action

We fund community-led climate solutions and develop the leadership of its members. To date, we have trained over 1200 diverse leaders to spearheaded local change, generating over 25,250 leadership actions in the U.S

Media Coverage

We secure airtime, drive headlines, and develop media campaigns to build public support on environmental issues and clean energy. To date, we have engaged over 100 media outlets in 13 countries, securing over 180 media appearances and 200+ articles published in main media outlets.


We create educational campaigns and docu-series to increase public awareness of our climate crisis. To date, we have developed 10 media campaigns in partnership with main media outlets, educating diverse communities and reaching over 200 million people in eight countries.