Ocean Initiative

The ocean is calling on all of us to stand with him.

An effort to provide resources and experiences that help protect, enjoy and connect communities with our oceans and beaches.

The Ocean: The Great Provider

A video-series that highlights and recognize our interconnectedness, as a species, with the ocean and with the benefits it provides
Let's ensure the oceans can continue to be a source of life and livelihood for our planet and our communities.

We are all heart-wire to love the ocean!

#MyOceanStory brings forward emotions, values, beliefs, and lived experiences that transport us to motivational states of mind where we all connect to the ocean!

The ocean is on our side

The ocean has absorbed more than 90% of the heat from global warming and 25% of our carbon emissions. Unfortunately, as a result, we have a warmer ocean, less oxygen in the water, and more acidic conditions – all of which are negatively impacting all marine life and marine ecosystems. It is time to get on the Ocean's side!

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