Latinos por la Tierra

Increasing communications on climate issues.

Latinos por la Tierra brings climate change to the forefront of mainstream conversations. Through a cultural lens, partnerships with media outlets and a growing network of influencers, we work to build public support on environmental issues, clean energy, and sustainable lifestyles.


We don’t have to be superheroes to save the planet! #QueNoTeValgaLaMadreTierra brings practical tips we could all implement to enjoy our planet, live more sustainable, and feel great while doing it.


A healthy and safe state for all Floridians! #KeepFloridaHealthy highlights personal experiences and concerns, connecting our values and beliefs to a healthy Florida for all.
Sachamama - Latinos por la Tierra
Juntos por un mejor planeta! #NoAlCarbón informs the Latinx community on the issue of carbon pollution, connecting the health of our planet, our economy, and the wellbeing of our communities.
Sachamama - Latinos por la Tierra


Here are some practical tips we could all do to live more sustainable and feel great while doing it!

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    We are all heart-wire to love the ocean! #MyOceanStory created a series of stories in which emotions, values, beliefs, and lived experiences transport viewers to unique motivational states of mind where we all connect to the ocean!