#Los100Latinos - 2020

The 100 Latinos Most Committed to Climate Action

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The List

The 100 most influential Latinos’ list, carried out with the support of different organizations, highlights individuals for their commitment in areas such as climate activism, communications, environmental rights, sustainable policies, and corporate impact.

Horacio Rodríguez-Larreta

 Chief of Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Jamie Margolin

Founder Zero Hour

Javier Bardem

Actor & Environmentalist

Jennifer Allen Aroz

 SVP League of Conservation Voters

Jessica Alba

Cofounder Honest Company

Joan Melé

 President Foundation Dinero y Conciencia

Joaquin Phoenix

Actor & Activist

Jorge Muñoz Wells

Mayor of Lima

Jorge Neri

 Editor In Chief Cambio 16 & CEO of Grupo EIG Multimedia, SL

José Javier de la Hoz

 Environmental Lawyer

José Luis Crespo

 Physicist & Founder Quantum Fracture

José Manuel Entrecanales

CEO Acciona

Juan Verde

President Advance Leadership Foundation

Julio Frenk

President University of Miami

Kevin de León

 City Council of Los Angeles District 14th

Luis Gerardo Méndez

Actor & Activist

Luis Lacalle Pou

 President of Uruguay


Singer & Environmentalist

Manuel Pulgar Vidal

WWF Global Climate & Energy

Marco Monroy

 CEO de MGM Innova Capital

Marcos Galperin

Chairman Mercado Libre

Marina Colorado

 Chief Editor France 24 

Mario Molina

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1943 - 2020

Máxima Acuña

Goldman Prize Recipient & Activist

The Campaing

The COP in the streets, a partnership between ALOOH and CC35, is the largest public climate campaign in Latin America. More than 300 digital public displays in 10 countries help connect the COP message with the entire region.

Sachamama - Los 100 Latinos

The Summit

No Planet B Latino Summit brings together influential Latinos and media representatives – committed to climate action – to discuss and highlight the climate leadership in Latin America and build global pressure towards the implementation of the Paris agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.