Why Sustainability?

Humans use as many natural resources annually as if we lived on 1.75 Earths.

Why should we care?

It affects our planet and other species.

We are part of a living system and we share it with many other species, so we need to preserve it for all of us!

It affects our life on earth.

We benefit by breathing clean air, drinking clean water, grow healthy food, and enjoying the natural wonders our planet provides, ALL at no cost!

It affects future generations.

We’ll be compromising the ability of future generations to live a healthy and prosperous life on Planet Earth.

Sustainability means healthy families, good jobs, and a strong planet.


Outdoor air pollution kills over 4 million people worldwide – chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease, strokes, and lung cancer. According to the World Health Organization, 9 out of 10 people are breathing air containing high levels of pollutants.


A clean economy can create quality, better-paying jobs. The renewable energy industry already employed 11 million people worldwide. Many of the jobs require technical two-year degrees, making them more accessible to everyone.


Ninety-nine percent of currently threatened animal and plant species are at risk from human activities, mainly due to habitat loss and global warming. By the end of the century, we could potentially lose close to 50% of all land-based species.

We all have a role and stake in creating a sustainable future. Some inspirational truths from some of our friends

Here are ways to make this your story too.